7 Ways You Can Help During a Pandemic

We don’t need to tell you that right now, there’s a tremendous amount of need in the world. And while many of us long to help, the risk of Covid-19 has us thinking twice about more traditional methods of volunteerism. Yet, there are still ways you can get involved without risking your own health and the health of your family:

  1. Support the elderly. Some of the hardest hit by the pandemic are the elderly. Isolation, loneliness, fear, and lack of support have created a very real crisis for many. Is there an elderly person in your community who needs help? Reach out and offer to deliver groceries, visit at a safe distance, or just check in with them regularly by phone.
  2. Help relieve food insecurity. Current challenging times have created a food insecurity crisis at local food shelves and pantries. Organizations like Feed America provide meals year-round to hungry families. You can donate virtually at their website or find your local food bank here and donate in person. Most have contactless procedures for receiving donations.
  3. Care for front line workers. Nurses, doctors, EMTs, as well as restaurant personnel and grocery store workers have worked tirelessly these past few months, risking their own health as well as the health of their families, to provide for our most essential needs. There are many ways you can show your gratitude, including donating PPE, having meals delivered to them, sending thank you cards, or being especially kind and patient when you interact with them.
  4. Donate blood. Since the pandemic outbreak, the American Red Cross has experienced a serious blood donation shortage. You can donate blood safely and the American Red Cross will even test you for COVID-19. For more details and to schedule a donation go to the American Red Cross website.
  5. Give to non-profits. Since the quarantine, non-profit organizations have had to eliminate one of the primary tools they use to operate successfully—the in-person fundraiser. Yet, while the rest of the country social distances and works remotely, non-profits still need funding to help the communities they serve. Consider donating to your favorite non-profit during this time whether it is an arts organization, a legal advocacy group, or a human rights agency.
  6. Save the environment. There are lots of ways to help clean up and save our environment right now, while keeping yourself safe. Consider buying local to cut down on carbon emissions expended by shipping. Switch your cleaning products to natural, non-toxic brands. Walk more, drive less. Bring along a bag on your daily hike and clean up any garbage you see. Plant a tree. Or give to a local environmental organization such as the Sierra Club or The Nature Conservancy.
  7. Support local businesses. When you shop local, you support your community’s businesses, ensuring profits and taxes are reinvested right where you live. With curbside pickup, online delivery, and virtual gift cards, shopping locally has never been easier or safer whether you’re buying from your local grocer, gift shop, art gallery, restaurant, or coffee shop.

At Lolly Dagger, we are here to support you! We want you to always feel free to reach out to us to share an idea or just check in. Please always remember that we care.

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