The Story Behind “Let Love Soar”

"Love is bird; she needs to fly."
Percy Bysshe Shelley

When I was a kid, I loved lying in the grass, looking at the shapes of clouds, watching flocks of birds fly high above the earth. They seemed so free and graceful as they effortlessly drifted across the sky. I imagined what it would feel like to be a bird— unfettered, carefree, soaring up to the clouds.   

Love can feel like that—liberating and exhilarating at the same time. When you love, your spirit feels almost weightless; you feel freed from ordinary cares and troubles.

Love feels like this when he touches your cheek or when she holds your hand. You experience it when you look deep into your newborn’s eyes or when your golden retriever lays his head in your lap. You know it in your heart when your best friend offers a hug or when your grandmother wipes a tear from your cheek.

Love is boundless, like a bird in flight. It is as expansive as the sky and as uplifting as a sweet breeze. The freedom found in love is in the giving of it, with no expectations. No thoughts of reciprocity or conditions.

Birds in flight were a natural inspiration for the “Let Love Soar” designs. I believe they beautifully illustrate that when we give love freely, it soars upward, with no limits or restraints on how far it can go or where it can take us.

Let Love Soar – Multi-Colored Birds

The multi-colored birds on the Let Love Soar tee form a heart shape, much like starlings do when they appear to fly as one, their flight patterns a swirling display of grace that creates beautiful shapes. The seven colors used in the design represent the energy centers of the body—spiritual, perception, expression, love, power, sex, and survival.

Let Love Soar—Gray & Pink Birds

The heart-shaped gathering of birds in flight on this lovely tank focus on the colors of breast cancer awareness. The pink bird flying toward the heavens represents love in the midst of the flock.

Let Love Soar—Multi-Colored Wings

There are many throughout the world who believe that birds are divine messengers. In that spirit, these colorful wings expand across the back of this shirt, conveying the powerful message, Let Love Soar.

Do you feel the power of the message, Let Love Soar? Are there things in your life, big or small, that bring about that magical, soaring feeling? Please consider sharing your story with us! We’d love to hear from you!

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If you believe that love is giving –

giving back, giving freely, never giving up...

If you believe that love is living –

authentically, intentionally, boldly...

If you believe that love is being –

inspiring, encouraging, uplifting...

Then Lolly Dagger is for you.