The Story Behind "Love Always Wins"

Love conquers all.

~ Virgil

“Love always wins.” It’s simple, yes. But it’s a mantra by which I’ve lived most of my adult life. It’s helped me move forward through some really difficult times; times I thought I might not survive. But by clinging to this core belief like it was a raft skimming over giant waves in the ocean, it helped me trust that I was strong enough. That my body and soul wouldn’t give up. That love would always prevail in the end. And that, in fact, I would come out on the other side.

“Love Always Wins” is a mantra of hope which is especially poignant during dark times.

Last winter, after a particularly crazy time spent on dating sites, my dearest friend decided to just give up on the whole thing. When I told her I felt the same way, she was genuinely alarmed.

“No,” she told me. “You can’t! You are a pillar of hope. You are the one who always reminds us that we’ll find someone.”

I thought about what she said and decided that rather than giving up, I would dig deeper, elevate my standards, believe that there is a basic level of decency that not only exists, but that I should expect.

And the result? Respect and self-care proved to be the right combination. In the end, love won.

The “Love Always Wins” philosophy not only applies to romance, but also lends itself to universal love for our fellow humans.

You see it in the way people come together during hard times. The big stories—scores of Midwesterners who drove their boats hundreds of miles south to help flood victims stranded in Louisiana and Texas; American firefighters who traveled to Australia to help put out fires that were ravaging that continent.

And you see it in the small stories too--the California veterinarian who’s spent the past nine years treating homeless people’s pets for free; the 29-year-old Spokane man who has delivered roses to local widows, single women, and military spouses on Valentine’s Day for the last eight years.

In every way, every day, Love Always Wins.

The Love Always Wins design was one of our first. It reflects our core belief that the most valuable thing in our human existence is to give and receive love.

We know that it takes a certain amount of blind faith to believe that good will always prevail over evil--that Love will always win in the end. But it is our hope that this design will inspire other Lolly Daggers to keep that belief in their hearts always.

Can you think of a time in your life when Love truly won in the end? Please contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

Until next time!



If you believe that love is giving –

giving back, giving freely, never giving up...

If you believe that love is living –

authentically, intentionally, boldly...

If you believe that love is being –

inspiring, encouraging, uplifting...

Then Lolly Dagger is for you.