The Story Behind “Grow with an Open Heart”

 “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” Chinese Proverb

Despite being rooted in the earth, trees still move and grow toward light and sky. This is due to an amazing and complex natural process in which soil, water, and sunlight all play an integral part.

Of course, storms, lightning, and drought can all damage and even fell a tree. But even then, this incredible process will cause a fallen tree to turn its tips and grow upright again.

The Grow with an Open Heart design was inspired by a belief that our growth process is very much like a tree’s. In order to grow in our lives, we need to reach upward, to bend toward the light, to seek out those things that sustain us and keep us healthy and strong.

That can mean finally giving yourself permission to take that wonderful trip you’ve always dreamed of. Or maybe, it’s taking a class in painting, or yoga, or cooking that you’ve long denied yourself. It might be changing careers, ending bad habits and starting new ones, letting go of things in the past, or volunteering for something you feel passionate about.

There is an abundance of ways to nurture our own growth.

Of course, much like the tree, there will be times we feel uprooted by storms and unpredictable circumstances.

But if we keep an open heart throughout those painful times; if we open our minds to the possibility that challenges can be opportunities; if we open up our spirits to receive joy, love, hope, and friendship, then like the tree, we will continue to grow. 

Grow with an Open Heart was our first Lolly Dagger design. The slender trunks of the silver metallic trees grow upward producing beautiful heart-shaped leaves. Because it is Lolly Dagger’s mission to uplift others, our hope is that the statement beneath the trees, “Grow with an Open Heart,” will serve as an inspiration and encourage a belief that our lives can continually expand, evolve, and change.

That when we are open to it, we will grow.

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Until next time!



If you believe that love is giving –

giving back, giving freely, never giving up...

If you believe that love is living –

authentically, intentionally, boldly...

If you believe that love is being –

inspiring, encouraging, uplifting...

Then Lolly Dagger is for you.